The latest AidPod – details released

This image shows the latest version of the AidPod (Version VIII) and its component parts:

AidPod Version VIII

We went through this with the PI Global team last night over Skype. Enhancements in this version include:

  1. Increased ‘draft angle’ to allow more effective ‘nesting’ of empty AidPods
  2. De-nesting features that stop the nested AidPods getting stuck inside each other (these features may also act a marker – “fill to here for 250ml”
  3. The overall length has been reduced slightly and the long flange has also been reduced in length to get a better fit with new Coca-Cola bottles in old crates
  4. The AidPod now has a re-usable lid
  5. Note that the removable, tamper evident seal is fitted over the top of the removable lid. This means that during transport and storage the kit is hermetically sealed (=good)
The video below shows how it all fits together:

We are looking forward to receiving samples for field testing next week.


  1. arc says:

    A new improved AidPod from one of our favourite #socent, @colalife

  2. buzzbnk says:

    A new improved AidPod from one of our favourite #socent, @colalife

  3. Antara says:

    Further refinements to the @Colalife Aidpod. Introducing Version VIII:

    Send us your thoughts!

  4. Rein Paulsen says:

    The latest AidPod – details released