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The ORS packaging machineKit Yamoyo assembly (square)Alfred Siachoobe, Kit Yamoyo retailer in Kalomo buys Kit Yamoyos by the box full (square)Kit Yamoyos on retailer shelves with other essential commoditiesMothers redeeming vouchers at a rural shop in Katete (square)Mother and daughter holding Kit YamoyoChild drinking ORS from Kit Yamoyo
The Kit Yamoyo value chain: ORS manufacture; Kit Yamoyo assembly; Purchase by retailer; For sale in retailer’s shop; Bought by mothers; Drunk by children.
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ColaLife closed in March 2024, having largely achieved what it set out to do, leaving a sustainable legacy in Zambia, together with robust learning from which others can benefit, including a Playbook, a global alliance to promote the co-packaging of ORS and Zinc for diarrhoea, publications and books.  The following page is for historic interest.

Our Vision, Goals, Aims and Objectives are set out below.


Our vision is a world where people collaborate from business, public and NGO sectors so children no longer die from preventable causes through lack of access to simple medicines and the knowledge of how to use them.

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To build novel partnerships to alleviate poverty and improve health in the developing world through innovation.

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GOALS (= the thing we want to contribute to)

  1. Reduce child mortality in developing countries (= UN Millennium Development Goal #4)
  2. Promote new ways of forming successful global partnerships for development, especially to provide access to affordable, essential drugs in developing countries (part of UN Millennium Development Goal #8)

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  1. To reduce the mortality in children under the age of five from simple causes such as dehydration from diarrhoea
  2. To improve mothers’ health and their knowledge of health issues

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Last reviewed: 26/3/24


  1. Esther Davies says

    you are really doing a great job

  2. Love what you are doing

  3. ajok susan says

    Please discuss with me the progress of the organisation, currently state where the orgnisation is, the future plan of the organisation, what finacial resources are needed to finance the organisation, how it will finance it resources and how much is needed to finance it, what are the risks in the organisation and how it will minmise the risks and finally how does it intergrate financial strategy with organisational strategy

    • Thanks for your comment. I will email you a copy of the current trial plan and put you on our mailing list.

      We are 6 months into the trial in Zambia and currently working on our scale-up plan.

  4. It is good to know what other people are doing to help the world.


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