The BMJ debate – ColaLife makes the case for partnership with multi-nationals

ColaLife goes head to head with Prof Nick Spencer of Warwick University on involving multi-nationals in efforts to improve child health. Here is the BMJ’s press release announcing the debate. What do you think? Debate: Should we welcome multinational companies’ connection to projects to improve child health? Partnerships with multinational companies in child health programmes […]

Kit Yamoyo wins Product Design of the Year 2013

I’ve just got back from the field, with so many stories to tell and pictures to show, to the news that ColaLife’s Kit Yamoyo has won the Product category of the Designs of the Year 2013. The maverick in me thinks it’s fantastic that something designed with the poor and for the poor, and with the word […]

ColaLife supporters’ networking event, Design Museum, 18 December

This is a Big Thank You Event for all our supporters who are able to get to the Design Museum in London on 18 December. We’d be nowhere without our supporters and we’d like to say A Big Zambian Zikomo – thank you – face to face – to as many of you as possible at […]

The first Kit Yamoyo sales numbers

This week (29/11/12) we had our monthly implementation partners’ meeting, hosted by COTZ partner – Medical Stores Limited (MSL). My report to the meeting was a series of pictures using the syphon metaphor I’ve talk about previously which, incidentally, is proving to be a very accurate depiction in practice. This time yesterday, the whole flow […]

Evaluating ColaLife Operational Trial Zambia – COTZ

[The following article was written by Rohit Ramchandani & Jane Berry and was published this week in UNICEF’s internal M&E Newsletter EvalNews. It looks at the issues we have faced designing the evaluation framework for the ColaLife Trial in Zambia (COTZ)] COTZ is funded by DfID, J&J Corporate Citizenship Trust, COMESA and Honda with in-kind […]

International Development Committee visits the COTZ office

Members of the UK Parliament’s International Development Committee after a briefing with COTZ Partners Early this morning (15/3/12) we had the privilege of hosting a visit from members of the UK Parliament’s International Development Committee. We’d rearranged the office last night to accommodate quite a crowd: the VIP visitors, our project manager, Silke Seco at DfiD Zambia, […]

South Africa, Expressions of Interest and the prototype packaging

The Trademark Southern Africa (TMSA) team | January 2012 Sorry it’s been a bit quiet on the blog but that doesn’t mean there’s been nothing going on – quite the contrary in fact. Here’s a summary of the last week or so. The highlight was the TMSA Retreat in South Africa. As I have explained […]

Productive day despite transport trauma

Today was always going to be a busy day, scheduled to start with a meeting with SABMiller at 10am. In preparation for this I was up early and dived into the car with my flip flops on to drive across to the other side of Lusaka to pick up Rohit before the traffic jams started. […]

At last! A peek at the ColaLife Trial Plan

Many of our regular readers will be itching to see the culmination of our work over the last 3 years: our plan for the first field trial of the ColaLife concept – the snappily named ColaLife Operational Trial Zambia (or COTZ, when you are trying to fit it into a funder’s 600 character project description!). […]

From targets to deadlines

A diagram from the description of the mobile phone elements of the ColaLife Operation Trial by Mobile Transactions In the last week we’ve moved from talking about targets to using the word DEADLINE as we seek to ‘close the deal’ and complete the co-designed plan for the ColaLife Operational Trial by 12 June. There I’ve […]