Top 10 achievements in 2012

2009’s top 10 | 2010’s top 10 | 2011’s  top 10 The end of the line. A child using the Kit Yamoyo in a remote village in Kalomo. Image credit: Claire Ward. 1. The launch of COTZ (the ColaLife Operational Trial in Zambia) Remote rural Kit Yamoyo retailer It has taken 25 years from the birth of […]

Testing, testing, 123 testing

The testing processes that PI Global have put into place for the AidPod have been extensive and thorough. 1 Selection of the sealing film Firstly, four different sealing films were heat-sealed to the AidPod and then subjected to under-water pressure tests. The pressure was reduced  to -300mB and held for 1 minute to stress the […]

The branded ADKs – an image

It’s taken a while but here’s an image of the production ADKs with the latest version of the branding. The customer consultation group work concluded last week and ‘Kit Yamoyo’, with the literal photograph of mother with child, was by far the most popular ‘brand’. Clever, aspirational logos did not fare well. Kit Yamoyo means […]

The latest AidPod – details released

This image shows the latest version of the AidPod (Version VIII) and its component parts: We went through this with the PI Global team last night over Skype. Enhancements in this version include: Increased ‘draft angle’ to allow more effective ‘nesting’ of empty AidPods De-nesting features that stop the nested AidPods getting stuck inside each […]

Introducing the Mark V AidPod

Each time I do a significant modification to the AidPod design I feel a strange fondness for the out-going model and then immediately bond with the new one. I said this to Jane and she quipped “That’s how you’ll feel when you get your second wife.” 🙂 Anyway, here it is the AidPod Mark V. […]

A mini AidPod anyone?

I had a great meeting yesterday with Chris Griffin at the PI Global offices in London talking about the packaging aspects of the trial. I was also able to loan him the various bottles and a crate, on loan to me from Zambian Breweries. These will obviously be crucial in defining the cross-section of the AidPod. We […]

ColaLife in Schools

ColaLife for Kids on Prezi There is a young and very creative teacher at Acton High School called Emma Berry (don’t ask) who wove ColaLife into a recent classroom session for year 5 children getting ready to move up to secondary school. Emma used existing ColaLife media (on Flickr and YouTube) to produce the above […]

A ColaLife video edit with Amanda (aged 10)

I can’t believe I’ve only just spotted this. It was uploaded way back in June. Amanda, aged 10, explains ColaLife on behalf of the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. I need to send Amanda an AidPod kit! Thanks Amanda 🙂

Zambia Diary | Day 4, Visit 2 | Workshop Preparation

Tomorrow’s workshop materials! Note that this crate contains three Coca-Cola products: Coca-Cola; Fanta and Sprite. In rural areas a retailer will often collect a single crate with a mixture of drinks inside it. Ideally the AidPod should work with all the bottle shapes Most of today was spent preparing for tomorrow’s workshop which is being […]

Does weight matter?

Our best guess of the gross weight of an AidPod Mother’s Kit is between 110-150g. So a crate with five AidPod kits in it would weigh an extra 550-750g. Is this extra weight an issue? The research we have done indicates that the transport cost of the ‘last mile’ in the remote parts of developing […]