WANTED: Help with Google AdWords

Through the Google Grants Program ColaLife has access to AdWords but it’s not yet working for us and we don’t have the capacity to work it all out for ourselves (I’ve tried!). Is there a ColaLife supporter out there who could coach me on a voluntary basis for a few months? If you can help please comment […]

ColaLife – the nomadic phase begins

Part of the team that moved us out: Jane, Elizabeth, Pete, Angela, me and David This post is really just a tribute to our great friends who always have a habit a rallying just when you just couldn’t manage without them. Our house is a family home and so if we were going to rent […]

Intercontinental collaboration | Mash-up of the month

Picture the scene. People on three continents are lining themselves up for a telephone conference that took a while to set up given the time differences and availability of the various parties. But at last the time comes. It’s 8am at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, it’s 2pm at the UNICEF HQ in Lusaka, […]

Ludo Lauwers, Vice Chairman of Janssen Pharmaceutica, talks about unlikely alliances

This is interesting. Around Christmas time, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Janssen Pharmaceutica, Ludo Lauwers, was interviewed by Bert Lauwers of Trends.be. Lauwers talked about the need to think out of the box and innovate by forming alliances with unlikely partners. He mentioned Microsoft, Google, General Electric, Siemens and Philips as potential collaborators of the […]

Open Sourcing Project 10^100?

Do you remember Google’s Project 10 to the 100th? In the autumn of 2008 Google asked us all to submit ‘ideas that would change the World’. More than 170,000 of us did just that across 170 countries. We submitted the ColaLife idea. The plan was that Google would select the top 100 ideas and ask […]

10,000 have viewed ColaLife Animation

Over the weekend the original ColaLife animation went through the 10,000 views barrier – that’s around 25 views a day since it was published. You can watch it on the *NEW* ColaLife Channel (it’s only got a few views here so far). Thanks go to Luke Berry (artist), Sam Berry (animator) and Julian (sound effects) […]

The ColaLife Channel launches

A key element of the online part of the ColaLife campaign has been to take a multi-channel approach and get ColaLife everywhere. We didn’t start with a website and expect people to find us, we went to all the places potential supporters might be. So we are: On Facebook – facebook.com/colalife On Twitter – twitter.com/colalife […]

Google back off from original vision

My Twitter search on Project 10 100 just started to yield results. With great excitement I rushed to my PC to see this: Is ColaLife one of the 100 semi-finalists? No it isn’t. But hang on, there are not 100 semi-finalists! Google have changed the rules of the game! There won’t be 100 concrete ideas […]

ColaLife Limited – ColaLife incorporates

It’s official. Today ColaLife’s Certificate of Incorporation arrived from Bells, Wells & Braithwaite.  ColaLife Limited is a company limited by guarantee (non-profit). Our Memorandum and Articles of Association are here. Many thanks to Bells, Wells & Braithwaite for their pro-bono help with the incorporation. The first draft of a business plan is also on its way. […]

ColaLife Project 10 the the 100th animation hits 9,000 views

While we wait for Google to announce the 100 semi-finalists of the Project 10 to the 100th initiative, the ColaLife animation, which formed part of our entry, has passed 9,000 views. Here it is again: