Our strategy for impact

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ColaLife is not like most other organisations. We are working on a solvable problem and so we are planning for our own demise. All we want to leave behind is a game-changing approach to the home treatment of diarrhoea in developing countries. To do this we need to give away all our learning, findings and our product and process designs so that we can influence the strategies of existing organisations, which already have responsibility for delivering or funding child health. These organisations include:

  1. National governments and especially Ministries of Health
  2. National and regional medicine regulators
  3. International and national NGOs with an interest in child health
  4. Donors and other funders of child health programmes
  5. The pharmaceutical industry at international, regional and national levels

If you represent any of the above groups and would like access to our learning and findings please click here to read about our open access initiative.

Until the end of 2015 we were disseminating our work reactively. In other words we were responding when other organisations express an interest in our work and our findings and helping them adapt them to their own circumstances.

From 2016 we are able to become proactive and more strategic in our approach and will target organisations and countries where we calculate our approach will have the biggest impact.


Last edited on 23-Nov-16 by Jane Berry