PI Global reunited

PI Global at the Design Museum

It was fantastic to meet up with Chris Griffin and Eric Connolly of PI Global again, face-to-face after three years. We met in the amazing setting of the new Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising (the brainchild of Chris) last week (9-Nov-16). PI Global were our packaging partner in the COTZ Trial. They made our vision of piggy-backing an anti-diarrhoea treatment kit in Coca-Cola crates an award-winning practical reality (previous blog posts tagged PI Global). Although we’ve not met for three years, the emails have not stopped flowing with advice. During this time we’ve also moved ColaLife’s registered address to the Museum of Brands () thanks to Chris.

So what was this meeting about? Well, we have a problem displaying the Kit Yamoyo flexi-pack in the various retail outlets now being used in Zambia. In supermarkets especially it can look a real mess.

Shoprite - poor display SPAR Kabulonga - messy display

Retailer putting Kit Yamoyo of shelfAlthough we do have display trays, there are multiple problems with these:

  • They need to be distributed some how.
  • When they get to their destination they need to be made up and there is no-one that can be relied upon to do this correctly.
  • Even when a correctly made-up display tray is in place, someone needs to put the kits in it and, as you can see from the top left picture, this doesn’t always happen.
  • If stock runs out the display trays tend to get thrown away.
  • In the small retailer setting the trays get dusty very quickly.

All in all, very unsatisfactory.

So we need a solution that solves these problems and this is what PI Global are going to look into on our behalf. We will let you know the outcome. I’m hoping to carry sample solutions with me on our next trip to Zambia in Jan-16.

We are very grateful to PI Global for agreeing to do this work on a pro bono basis.

Image credits from top to bottom, left to right: unknown, unknown, Bonface Fundafunda, Akufuna Ngenda.