DfID support for Lusaka scale-up confirmed

DfID Grant Agreement - Kit Yamoyo Scale-up in Lusaka

We are very pleased to confirm that the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID) will be the majority funder of the Kit Yamoyo Scale-up in Lusaka Province, Zambia. The project is called KYTS-LUSAKA (Kit Yamoyo Transition to Scale in Lusaka). This is a significant milestone for ColaLife and comes two years after the end of the ColaLife Operational Trial in Zambia (COTZ) which produced compelling results.

This is the first post-trial funding we have had for full commercial scale-up in a significant market. We have had two lots of other post-trial funding: 1) transitional funding from DfID and Johnson & Johnson/Janssen EMEA enabled us to keep the flow of kits going into the trial areas where carers had come to depend on being able to buy them in their local shop and 2) KYTS-ACE funding to supply the locally produced Kit Yamoyo (for the private sector) and new Government-branded ORS/Zinc co-packs to 14 of the most remote Districts in Zambia. KYTS-ACE is on-going.

The KYTS-LUSAKA project budget is as follows:

DfID £416,911
GSK and Save the Children Award (part) £140,299
Voucher fund from ColaLife Supporters (Global Giving) £16,500
Total £573,710


The DfID support for KYTS-LUSAKA comes from the UK Aid Direct Programme and it is significant to note that this programme required 25% match funding in cash (not in-kind) from the applicant. So we would not have been able to bid for the project if we hadn’t won the GSK and Save the Children Healthcare Innovation Award. £140,299 represents 58% of the total GSK and Save the Children Award prize and we have used it here to leverage a further £416,911 from DfID. We are also grateful to individual ColaLife supporters who have donated the money for the voucher fund element of the project. Fundraising for the voucher fund is on-going here.

Although ColaLife will be responsible for the delivery of this project we will be in a counter-parting role supporting our frontline partner remotely and through quarterly support visits. ColaLife will draw £58,000 from the project over 2.5 years. The rest of the budget will be spent locally in Zambia.

The approval process for KYTS-LUSAKA has been lengthy and much more involved than any other grant we have ever received from DfID or elsewhere. We submitted our bid more than seven months ago and the due diligence process has taken five months:

30-Jan-15 Bid submitted to DfID
10-Apr-15 Provisional offer of funding
Apr to Aug Due diligence by Crown Agents and Triple Line Consulting
9-Sep-15 Confirmation letter received
1-Oct-15 Lusaka Scale-up starts


We wish to thank the UK tax-payers, GSK and Save the Children and our individual donors who have made this possible. We will not let you down.

Onwards and upwards.




  1. Sarah Farquhar says

    Brilliant news Simon. A credit to you, Jane and the team. Well done.