Interactive Infographic – another ColaLife ‘first’?

This infographic was inspired during a recent discussion at a ColaLife Trustees’ meeting about the cumulative effects of the improvements we’d achieved during the COTZ trial in terms of children getting the recommended combination treatment for diarrhoea (ORS and Zinc).

COTZ Impact infographic (Version 4)
This led me to develop an interactive infographic in Excel which you can download here: Impact infographic spreadsheet-v4.xlsx. The data in the above screenshot are just one attempt at completing the infographic. When using the spreadsheet you can change any of the percentages in the blue cells and the percentage probability of the child receiving the correct treatment is recalculated.

If nothing else this tool highlights the many stages involved in ensuring patients get the right treatment. It also shows how the design of the presentation of the medicine can help enormously. The relevant design features as far as Kit Yamoyo is concerned include:

  1. The fact that it is marketed as an attractive commodity and is available closer to home in community shops.
  2. The co-packaging of the ORS and Zinc with simple instructions included ensures children get ORS and Zinc.
  3. The small ORS sachets (200ml)
  4. The fact that the packaging acts as a measure for the water needed to mix the ORS

I’d be interested in comments on the usefulness (or otherwise) of this tool.