Endline Survey Report published

Endline Survey Report CoverDuring the ColaLife Operational Trial Zambia (COTZ) three sets of surveys were carried out: a baseline; midline (after 6 months) and endline.

All surveys included a household survey and a survey of retailers. The midline and endline also looked at the impact we were having on the rural health centres in the trial sites.

Technical oversight of the trial was managed by UNICEF Zambia in collaboration with Rohit Ramchandani, a DrPH candidate at Johns Hopkins University and the lead investigator for the trial. Regular readers will know Rohit as ColaLife’s Public Health Advisor.

UNICEF Zambia contracted with RuralNet* Associates Zambia to undertake the survey work. In addition, an Operational Research Committee, consisting of the key stakeholders and chaired by the Ministry of Health, was established to ensure rigour. The process also benefitted from the oversight of Rohit’s advisory committee at Johns Hopkins.

The endline survey report has now been published and can be downloaded here (PDF 1.7 MB).


Some of the headline findings have already been reported here:
Seven of the headline findings from the ColaLife trial in Zambia


* For those of you who know Simon Berry and Jane Berry’s background, RuralNet Associates Zambia have no connection with ruralnet|uk the UK rural development social enterprise that they established  in 2001 and was closed in 2008.

[13-Apr-16 – Link to report download added]