ColaLife gets Ads

With thanks to Rich Hurst, ColaLife now has a series of banner adverts! Please add these to your blogs and websites! Click on the ads below to get the full size designs. Basic blog buttons are coming soon. Full instructions on how to incorporate these Ads into your website or blog are provided here. These instructions include details of how to vary the size of your chosen Ad.


  1. Thanks for these Rich. Kate, can you put these in the ColaLife group on Flickr:
    I will then use the HTML code provided by Flickr to put these on my blogs.

  2. I’ve placed a banner at It’s not the most visited site in the world but every little will help you I guess.

    Good luck with the campaign


  3. I have put your banner on my blogsite.

  4. This is a great idea. I am originally from South Africa and now live in New York. I can attest to Coke’s amazing distribution network in developing countries. I have added a banner to my blog


  5. Fantastic idea, Coke’s network is the envy of many consumer goods companies and it has potential to be extended to others as well! I’ve put the YouTube video on my Hyves page, I’ll se if I can get it on LinkedIn as well. Is there nothing else we can do?

    good luck

  6. Do you have a rectangle banner also (336 x 280 px)?

  7. Brandan – thanks for the banner ad on Laid Off 101 – I’ve added you to the supporters page.
    Janti – thanks for embedding the video. We need the Facebook Group to keep growing so if you could invite all your friends, and ask them to invite their’s that would be much appreciated.
    With best wishes, Simon

  8. @Marc
    I’ve asked our banner expert to produce one if they can. I will let you know when it’s ready.

  9. Hi, have mentioned you on my blog and linked to your site. My book is all about this sort of win-win activity so let me know if there’s anything else I can do. Good luck. Peter

  10. Hi Simon, I have added a banner ad for Colalife to my blog over at
    Wishing you every success and shout if you need any more help or support

  11. @Paul Webster
    Thanks Paul – I’ve put you on the supporters’ page.

  12. Hello,
    Thank you for your intriguing presentation at the Africa Gathering in London. I have included a banner at

    Distribution channels and logistics are not easy to put in place. So once they are there, they might as well be used for the delivery of life-saving medicaiton.

    Wish success to the campaign!

  13. Think this is a very gallant effort. Have out one of your ads on my blog and believe me it will stay there.

  14. This is a terrific effort, keep up the good work. I hope by placing your ads on my site it will help promote ColaLife.

  15. Just added your banner.

    When i learn more about your initiative, i would really love to help more.

  16. This is such a great idea, I was blown away by how big an impact this could have on the third world.

    I have added your banners to my website.

  17. I have placed the banner on my site. Curious for the reactions I will be receiving. Good luck with the cause

  18. My site is brand new and it’s sports based site about sport news,blog site. I already placed your banner in my site.

  19. Hi, we have included your banners at and We will leave them on there as long as we can. Good luck and keep up the good work!.

  20. We have added your banner and a short write-up to our blog here:
    Keep up the good work!

  21. Yes, Coca-Cola, beer and cigarettes are in just about every village in the world.
    I am happy to link to your website that addresses Millennium Development Goal #4 to
    my webste aimed at MDG #2.

  22. I have placed your banner and story on my blog. I believe it could act as an inspiration to lots of young people in Nigeria. THANK YOU.


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