The ‘science of delivery’ and ColaLife

        The current President of the World Bank Group, Jim Kim, has made what he calls ‘The Science of Delivery’ a theme of his tenure. I was made aware of this by a ColaLife supporter pointing me to this blog post by Kevin Watkins on the ODI’s website: Jim Kim’s ‘science of […]

Zambia Diary | Day 12 | Last working day in Zambia

This is Justina and Royce (with her lovely daughter ‘Memory’) and Jane after a conversation yesterday (22/10/10) afternoon. They spent about an hour talking about caring for children and diarrhoea with Cornelius acting as translator. Justine and Royce live in Ngombe Compound which is a legalised, densely populated settlement on the edge of Lusaka. I […]

The ColaLife Virtual Advisory Board

There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes to put together a ‘virtual advisory board’ of well known names to add further credibility to ColaLife and help us move from an incredibly successful campaign to an organisation that can help put together the unlikely alliances that are going to be required […]

Don’t forget the children plea

. . . . from Save The Children (and me). To put the staggering amounts spent to save the banks into context, the World Bank estimates that universal access to water and sanitation would cost $20-$30 billion and that not addressing the problem will cost roughly nine times as much. See 2006 Human Development Report: […]