Please vote for ColaLife in Canada’s Grand Challenges

Through the efforts of Rohit Ramchandani (pictured on his last trip to Zambia in April/May this year), ColaLife’s public health adviser, we are being considered for a Grand Challenges Canada Rising Stars in Global Health award and we need your help! The public is being asked to vote on their favorite applications/ideas which can be […]

We need your help to get ColaLife on the Women Deliver 50 list

Women Deliver are seeking to create a Top 50 of ideas that are . . . delivering for women. The Women Deliver 50 list will be announced on 8 March, International Women’s Day, and will feature prominently at the Women Deliver 2013 conference in Kuala Lumpur. Out of hundreds of submissions, a selection committee of experts […]

Can I have just a minute of your time?

Back in August ColaLife was encouraged by supporters to enter the Making More Health competition so we did, along with more than 470 others from 82 countries. On 9 November 2011 the 13 finalists were announced and ColaLife was amongst them. The public is now invited to vote to determine the competition’s three winners, who will each […]