Always Cola, Rarely Essential Medicines

Last week we received and email from one of our Virtual Advisory Board members, Prashant Yadav, drawing our attention to a paper just published by INSEAD and co-authored by Prashant YADAV, Orla STAPLETON and Luk N. VAN WASSENHOVE. The paper is entitled: Always Cola, Rarely Essential Medicines: Comparing Medicine and Consumer Product Supply Chains in the Developing World. A […]

Who are you? Village Reach!

I have just found this post in the drafts folder of the blog. Apologies for the delay in publishing. Meet Craig Nakagawa of Village Reach. Craig co-founded VillageReach in 2000. He is based in Seattle  and, this afternoon (14/8/09), I had the pleasure speaking with him and his colleagues Anne Delaney and Brian Trunk. Village […]