Our partnership with Everly

Everly is a start-up drinks company with a conscience set up by Kyle McCollom and Chris Cole in 2013. Kyle and Chris contacted us during their set-up planning, because they wanted ethics built-in to Everly right from the start. Every time someone buys an Everly product in the US, a donation comes to ColaLife. They call it ‘Hydration […]

Super cheap tea bag-like water filters?

This looks like a really interesting development from South Africa. It’s a water filter that consists of a re-usable bottle and a replaceable, tea bag-like filter containing carbon and antimacrobial fibers that costs around half a US cent. If it gains the necessary approvals this product is expected to make it onto the market by the […]

Have we got our priorities right?

This Coca-Cola was some of the last to be produced and sold in glass bottles in Malta. These are 300ml bottles. African bottles typically hold 350ml. One morning in 1988 I arrived early for a meeting in Chinsali, a small town in NE Zambia. I went into the dilapidated council chamber. There was no one […]

ColaLife University and School Clubs get underway on three continents

Image credits: David Wilcox | Alex Spina and Chris Rhodes It is very encouraging to see ColaLife Chapters/Clubs starting to form in Universities and Schools around the World. So far we have: Wellesley College, US La Martiniere School, Calcutta >>Facebook group Warwick University, UK >>Facebook group I also know that there are discussions going on at […]

Adrian reports from the UN

Adrian Ristow writes: My first time at UN week (22-26 September, 2008) in New York. Wow, what an experience! I knew that there was something special on the go when I couldn’t get near the entrance to my hotel because the secret service had blocked off a number of roads in Manhattan. In between the […]

Belching Out the Devil: Global Adventures with Coca-Cola by Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas and his publishers have done a brilliant job promoting his new book. A feature article in the Guardian (who are also selling his book) and a long interview on Radio 4’s You & Yours on 26/9/08. This will result on lots of people searching for the book and hopefully this post will pop up in […]