Thank you Trovus

This is the Christmas eCard that went out all Trovus users this week. Thank you again to the Trovus team for their support for ColaLife. The links are: Facebook ColaLife Website Twitter The people behind Trovus are long established supporters of ColaLife and their Trovus Revelations service keeps us informed of who is visiting this […]

ColaLife has introduced me to some great people

Today I met two more people face to face that I’d hooked up with online through ColaLife. At lunchtime I met Maria Diaz. Maria is part of the team at CTT. CTT is led by William Hoyle who has been a great ColaLife supporter and evangelist from the very start and he has infected the […]

Trovus Revelations keeps us in the picture

Trovus, who provide an amazing website visitor monitoring system, has been a supporter of ColaLife from the moment they heard about the campaign. This is how Trovus Revelations works. Every computer connected to the internet has a number (an IP address) this IP address is allocated to you by the organisation who ‘owns’ the internet […]