ColaLife Twittermob – the video!

ColaLife Twittermob in Trafalgar Square. Thanks to David Wilcox for this video. David has kindly put others here on YouTube and Qik. Do you have any photos or video from the event? Let us know where they are (by commenting) and we will link to them. If you’re tagging please use ‘colalife’. >> More video […]

Meet Farrai Mwamba – she’d be in Trafalgar Square if she could

Image credit: Alison Pearon This is Farrai Mwamba, one of the children from the N’gombe Compound in Lusaka, Zambia. Her mother is a teachers’ aide at the school where this picture was taken and is delighted we are using this picture and says: “I am very pleased that Farrai is helping the ColaLife campaign.” So […]

Sarah Brown tweets for ColaLife!

Tonight, Sarah Brown (yes, I know it might not actually be her) tweeted for ColaLife! Bless her (or her representative). She has 387,653 followers. We will fill Trafalgar Square yet! Can you come to support ColaLife this Friday at 3pm?

ColaLife Twittermob Rally! Join us in Trafalgar Square or online

This Friday (17/7/09), 3pm Trafalgar Square, we will be gathering in Trafalgar to celebrate ColaLife and see the giant aidpod take its rightful place on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square! What is ColaLife? You can buy a Coca-Cola virtually anywhere in developing countries and yet 1 in 5 children die before the age of […]

Trafalgar Square, Fourth Plinth ColaLife spokesperson in place

I am very grateful to long term ColaLife supporter Troy Kennedy for agreeing to be the spokesperson for ColaLife on 17/7/09 (Friday) as Russell Tanner takes to the Fourth Plinth. I first made contact the Troy nearly a year ago now via the Channel 4 Battlefront website. Troy runs Condoms for Africa. Here’s a video […]

But isn’t it Art?

Image credit: Christopher Fowler (permission pending) My campaign to get a giant aidpod on to the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square has floundered before it really got started. Just got this reply from the Mayor’s Office: from Mayor of London <> to date 1 July 2009 12:02 subject RE: MGLA170609-2106 Idea for the fourth […]