A conversation with Tom Watson at the G20 Summit

Tom Watson was the first MP to start blogging and he is still going here. He’s carried a link on his blog to the ColaLife Campaign since the very early days and we follow each other on Twitter. So, in a way, I feel I know him pretty well but we’ve only met fleetingly twice […]

Who are the G20 bloggers?

Based on an original post by Ponosh. Image credit: Dave Walker Who are the G20 bloggers (?) I hear you ask.   Here’s a simple list of our sites: Daniel Kaufman  www.thekaufmannpost.net Ahmed Al-Omran  saudijeans.org Sokari Ekine  www.blacklooks.org Simon Berry  www.colalife.org/blog/ Sunball Hussain and Joe Rowley (DfID youth bloggers) dfidyouthreporters.wordpress.com Dave Walker (Church Times blogger/cartoonist) […]