I want to tell you a story about a mother | Rohit Ramchandani on ColaLife at TEDxYouth Toronto

Here’s a great take on ColaLife presented by our own Public Health Adviser and Primary Investigator for the COTZ Trial in Zambia – Rohit Ramchandani: View the presentation on YouTube. ColaLife has now been presented at five TEDx events: TEDx Berlin – 15/11/10 – if you want to watch another presentation then this is the one! […]

Top 10 achievements for 2010

>> Last year’s top 10 1. Field trip to Zambia We travelled to Zambia in October and met with 45 people and 15 organisations. We had a great reception and a workshop of key stakeholders produced the basis of the plan for a pilot of the ColaLife concept in 2011. >> more on the plan […]

ColaLife Presentation | TEDx Berlin

Thanks to the good people of red onion who hosted TEDx Berlin for the invitation to speak and for allowing me to open the 1000th TEDx event. It was a great, if nerve-wracking, honour.

TEDx Youth Berlin | 14 November 2010

This is quick post to publish the flip video of my presentation of ColaLife at TEDx Youth Berlin yesterday (14/11/10). Thanks go to Dr Joana Breidenbach who did the filming. Joana is the founder of betterplace.org. Today is the big day with a presentation to the main TEDx Berlin event. The event is sold out with […]

ColaLife selected for TEDx Warwick 2010

TEDx comes to Warwick University for the second time on 6 March 2010 and will be held in the Maths and Stats Building. 400 people are expected and I will be telling the ColaLife story. You can book tickets here. Other speakers include: Morning Speakers: Angela Hobbs Kathleen Burk Brenda King Steve Martin Rachel Armstrong […]

ColaLife presentation at TEDx London – Part 1 and Part 2

OK, I obviously need to polish my presentation techniques but for those who couldn’t be there, here is the presentation of the ColaLife story at the inaugural TEDx London event on 4 November 2009. Any comments?