Beyond the call of duty – Cairo to Cape Town for ColaLife

Regular readers will know Ali & Lizzie, the couple who are cycling from Cairo to Cape Town for ColaLife (and two other charities close to their hearts). Well here is some sad news about a very determined woman. This is a quoted straight from their blog. The original post is here. Last Leg – Lost […]

Multiply your money | Invest in ColaLife (or book a holiday & help that way too)

You may have noticed that we are on a fundraising drive. But before I tell you why we are doing this, let me tell you how we have multiplied the money we have received from individual supporters so far. To date we have received about £10,000 in donations, to put together the partnership and develop […]

ColaLife, Buzzbnk, World Economic Forum on Africa and Lusaka

First of all, a big thank you is due to all those who put their hands in their pockets last week to take us to the first Buzzbnk milestone. This releases the £3,000 donated so far through the Buzzbnk towards our next trip to Zambia to tie up the loose ends with local partners on […]

Super cheap tea bag-like water filters?

This looks like a really interesting development from South Africa. It’s a water filter that consists of a re-usable bottle and a replaceable, tea bag-like filter containing carbon and antimacrobial fibers that costs around half a US cent. If it gains the necessary approvals this product is expected to make it onto the market by the […]

Dr Ian Goldman joins the ColaLife Virtual Advisory Board

Dr Ian Goldman I am very pleased to be able to announce that Dr Ian Goldman has agreed to join the ColaLife Virtual Advisory. He is the second member and joins Prof Don Nutbeam in support of ColaLife. About ColaLife Ian says: Having worked in many countries in Africa it is extraordinary how Coca-Cola reaches […]

AidPods are go!

Nick Langridge – “Day to day I am a 32 year old mild mannered computer programmer based in Royston, Herts. I’m not exactly Evil Kneivel, but I’ve taken road trips on two-wheels before in New Zealand and Norway, and always planned to do something more challenging and constructive.” This campaign is full of surprises. It’s […]

Will a LifeStraw fit in an AidPod?

Over the weekend I got a message from ColaLife Facebook Group member Matthew Carter in South Africa. It went like this: The answer Matthew is ‘Yes’! The problem is that we only have cardboard models of the AidPod at the moment. We don’t even have a fully developed prototype and this is one of the […]

Sustainability: building a system with people not for people

Image credit: Tielman Nieuwoudt Here’s the latest from Adrian Ristow who’s been leading the research into Coca-Cola distribution in east Africa: A bit of a gap in communication from me – but my August has been a bit different this year; I had to spend some time back in South Africa on some other work. […]

The latest from Tanzania

I’ve just found this fantastic set of photos by tielmann on Flickr with images of Coca-Cola’s ‘Manual Distribution’ from around the world. Meanwhile, here’s the latest note from Adrian Ristow, who’s now working with Coca-Cola in Tanzania, where he’s collecting local opinions and ideas. On the way, he’s been in the USA, talking to experienced […]

Meet Adrian Ristow

The research into Coca-Cola’s distribution network in Ethopia and Tanzania, first mentioned here, is now underway and Adrian is the man on the ground. Despite the inevitable connectivity issues that we will face, Adrian has undertaken to keep a dialogue going on the work he is doing and the people he meets. This picture was […]