Make a donation to ColaLife by SMS text

The barriers to donating to the work of ColaLife just disappeared for everyone with a mobile phone. You can now donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 by simply sending a text to 70070. The text should read: COLA44 £10 – to donate £10 COLA44 £5 – to donate £5 You get the idea! […]

Zambia Diary | Day 12 | Last working day in Zambia

This is Justina and Royce (with her lovely daughter ‘Memory’) and Jane after a conversation yesterday (22/10/10) afternoon. They spent about an hour talking about caring for children and diarrhoea with Cornelius acting as translator. Justine and Royce live in Ngombe Compound which is a legalised, densely populated settlement on the edge of Lusaka. I […]

A to Z of 2010 ColaLife priorities

AidPod Move from Mark III model through prototyping to manufacture for trials. Buckminster Fuller Challenge Do everything possible to win the Buckminster Challenge and generate as much PR as possible in the process. Commitment Continue to be totally committed to getting the ColaLife concept trialled and properly evaluated. Simon Berry to commit to ColaLife full […]