The Cola Road documentary now available for download

Quick links: The film | Film excerpt | The film on the internet | The film’s maker | Support for screenings | DOWNLOAD   The Cola Road trailer   The film The Cola Road is an independent film made about our work. It was not commissioned by ColaLife. In Aug-12 Claire Ward spent 5 weeks shadowing the ColaLife team as we prepared to launch […]

The great unveiling – the production AidPod – the Mark XI

Tim Llewellyn of PI Global describes the latest version of the AidPod (Mark XI) over Skype Yesterday (28/3/12) was a big day. The highly anticipated Skype meeting with our packaging partner to present what is likely to be the version of the AidPod that will go into production was postponed from 11am to 3pm to […]

First ADK prototypes emerge

The Friday before last (27/1/12) a package arrived at the ColaLife project office containing the first prototype of the ADK packaging from our packaging partner PI Global. Earlier in the week, during a much anticipated Skype call, PI Global presented the prototype to us with supporting 3D images and the movie below showing the how […]

Moving towards District selection

Crunch time is approaching in terms of which Districts we select for the ColaLife trial. The ‘tension’ between the desire to go for what academics call a ‘randomised cluster trial’ – the gold standard in trial design – and the practicality you encounter on the ground; the way free markets work and the impact of the personality […]

The pre-trial bureaucratic phase

  Apologies for the lack of blog posts lately. There is a lot happening but, if I’m frank, a lot of it is not very exciting. We are in a necessary, but rather dull bureaucratic phase as we try to get the last bits and pieces in place to start the trial. We have confirmation […]

Intercontinental collaboration | Mash-up of the month

Picture the scene. People on three continents are lining themselves up for a telephone conference that took a while to set up given the time differences and availability of the various parties. But at last the time comes. It’s 8am at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, it’s 2pm at the UNICEF HQ in Lusaka, […]

Follow the ride live!

Last night, just before packing it in for the day, my iPhone made the noise of money falling on a table – the JustGiving App on the iPhone is really quite good – this was significant because a very generous friend and ColaLife supporter had just donated the amount of money I needed to reach […]

Kolkata calling . . .

Last Tuesday (20/7/10) ColaLife went global with calls programmed with India, Canada and the USA. The most exciting of all the calls was with members of the ColaLife group in Kolkata, West Bengal. This was organised by one of the group’s leaders Raghav Daswani. We ran it over Skype and the format was a short […]

ColaLife makes it into the Skype Video Library

I was prompted to download the latest version of Skype this evening and was very excited to find that as well as a photo you can add a profile video! But then was disappointed that you can’t select your own video, you have to choose one from a (slightly dubious) library. I was about to […]

ColaLife moves on the rest of Europe – Part 1

I was interviewed in August for Germany’s on-3 radio over Skype. And here is what was broadcast on 18/8/09 (my bits are in English!):