ColaLife in Schools

ColaLife for Kids on Prezi There is a young and very creative teacher at Acton High School called Emma Berry (don’t ask) who wove ColaLife into a recent classroom session for year 5 children getting ready to move up to secondary school. Emma used existing ColaLife media (on Flickr and YouTube) to produce the above […]

ColaLife makes it to The Guardian’s homepage

Thanks to Sarah Boseley, The Guardian’s health correspondent, ColaLife made to The Guardian’s home page on 11 Feruary 2010. Her blog post sparked a bit of a debate which continues as I type this here. Thanks to the ColaLife supporters who contributed. All this caused a significant blip on the number of visitors to this […]

Executive Summary of the ColaLife Development Plan

We have been prompted to produce a Development Plan by ColaLife progressing to the second stage of the Buckminster Fuller Challenge – we are one of 35 from 215 entries. This plan builds on a Business Plan that has been under development for some time! Here is the Executive summary. Copies of the full development plan have been […]

Anyone going to Africa?

We are desperate for decent pictures of the Mark III ColaLife Aidpods in a crates of Coca-Cola in Africa. I spent yesterday afternoon making these models for this purpose. Now I just need someone travelling to Africa to agree to take one or two and send back hi-resolution pictures like this one BUT with Coca-cola […]

Giant AidPod seeks next display space

The giant ColaLife AidPod in the NESTA reception “The Colalife exhibition has been very successful – with lots of attention and positive comments from visitors to the NESTA offices. It’s a great example of a simple but very powerful idea – what innovation should be!” Todd Somerville, Head of Corporate Communication, NESTA The ColaLife giant […]