Probably the most productive day so far

We had some very bad news late last night on the funding front which punches a massive hole in our scale-up plans, which I will blog about later, but that’s been followed by the most productive and exciting day so far. 9:00 Called our agent to check on progress of the clearing through customs of […]

Our response to the PRA – the AidPod Mark VIII

The AidPod moved to a new level of refinement this week in response to the challenge presented to us by Zambia’s Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority (PRA). We had shown them the previous version (pictured) which I featured here. The PRA had an issue with soap being in the same kit as ORS and Zinc. There are […]

Zambia Diary | Day 8, Visit 3 | From lowlight to highlight

On Tuesday night (17/5/11) I was worried when a potential problem was revealed to me that I hadn’t even thought about. Fortunately, we don’t get a lot of unpleasant surprises in ColaLife because we have been kicking the concept around our thousands of supporters for three years and this has meant that a lot of the issues […]

Zambia Diary | Days 2-5, Visit 3 | UNICEF, MoH, KZF, MSL and Baltimore

It’s been a busy and varied few days. A lot of the weekend was spent preparing for the workshop UNICEF had asked Jane to run on ‘Participatory Techniques’. The image above is of her doing just that into the evening. This request came after the workshop Jane ran on our last visit to pull stakeholders […]