Updated ColaLife Poster

For those of you who like the original version of this poster and have printed it out and stuck on the wall next to your phone (you know who you are), here is an update by the creator of the original poster, Kieran Harrod. This features the production ADK and has been produced to support […]

Could you put a ColaLife poster in your workplace or community?

A couple of ColaLife Facebook fans have asked where you can buy ColaLife posters. Well, you can’t at the moment BUT you can download a PDF and print them yourself. It would be great if ColaLife supporters could spread the word by placing a mini poster in their workplace and/or community. Please click on the […]

Leave it to the experts

Following the ColaLife TEDx Warwick presentation on 6/3/10, I was contacted by Richard Potter, a member of the executive for the International Development Summit at Warwick (WIDS) which takes place every November. Richard said: We’ve subsequently written a post-summit magazine – which is just about to go to print – which will be circulated to all our prestigious […]