Midterm survey well underway – Rohit returns to Canada

The huge undertaking that is the COTZ* midline survey is now well under way in four districts: the two intervention districts (Katete and Kalomo) and the two control districts (Petauke and Monze). In each district our partners RuralNet Associates are surveying 625 households, 45 retailers and talking to the health centres to see if our […]

Chongwe, Luangwa, Nyimba, Petauke and Katete

Note to self . . . never leave Lusaka with anything less than a full tank of fuel. I’m always up for a bit of excitement, but our trip to Eastern Province this week proved a little more exciting than is comfortable – on various fronts. If you’d like to share some of the sights, […]

Moving towards District selection

Crunch time is approaching in terms of which Districts we select for the ColaLife trial. The ‘tension’ between the desire to go for what academics call a ‘randomised cluster trial’ – the gold standard in trial design – and the practicality you encounter on the ground; the way free markets work and the impact of the personality […]