Kit Yamoyo packaging – looking to the future

ColaLife’s Kit Yamoyo has really captured the world’s imagination. Users in poor villages in Zambia, who helped us in the design process, really like it and so do top designers, philanthropists, judges of ethics, public health and international development specialists. In the 12-month trial retailers bought 25,000 of them. Last month the Kit Yamoyo was […]

Preliminary SODIS test results

Last Friday (28/6/13) started with a requirement on my part to produce 4 litres of fecal contaminated water (don’t ask) so that we could test the Kit Yamoyo packaging as a SODIS device. SODIS has been a recurring theme on this blog over the years and we have developed a relationship with the SODIS team at […]

From AidPod to Anti-Diarrhoea Kit (ADK)

Apologies for all the posts recently about packaging. It is a major focus at the moment but it’ll soon pass! I thought it would be useful to describe how the packaging and the components have now come together to form the anti-diarrhoea kit (ADK). Until the start of the set-up period of the trial we […]

Another innovation using PET bottles

Regular readers will know that we are very interested in the SODIS process which uses clear plastic bottles and sunlight to kill the pathogens in water and make it safe to drink (previous blogs on SODIS). Well here is another innovative use for PET bottles which I was pointed to today through Twitter. A sun […]

SODIS Solution Search

Left to right: SODIS bag full of water | Empty SODIS bag | Folded SODIS bag inside a model AidPod We continue to search for a practical SODIS solution that will work with an AidPod Mother’s Kit. In a previous post I talked about making the AidPod itself out of PET so that it could […]

SODIS AidPod | Possible option?

I was at the ‘Crossover Summit‘ yesterday at the Sheffield Film Festival. I was on a panel on ‘Digital Media for Social Good’ and I explained how we’d used social media as part of the ColaLife project. The panel was brought together by Michael Norton, the famous serial entrepreneur, and long term supporter of ColaLife. […]

Zambia Diary | Day 9 | The young people of today eh?

While we’ve been staying here at ‘The Pearson’s House’ a couple of young people has passed through – friends of the children of Alison and Mark (Pearson). Anyway, they’ve told us what they are up to and we’ve told them what we are doing. Well, Andy (one of these young people), who lives in Kitwe, […]