UNICEF advocates strongly for co-packaging in latest market report

    It was back in 2018 that ColaLife led a successful application to WHO to change the WHO Essential Medicines List to recommend co-packaged ORS and Zinc. So it is very reassuring that UNICEF have advocated so strongly for co-packaged ORS and Zinc in their latest market and supply update on Oral Rehydration Salts […]

Getting the kids on board

I picked up a message last night while clearing my Facebook inbox from Jon, an old  friend who is now a teacher. He  has also run the fabulous Warwickshire Youth Jazz Orchestra (WYJO) for many, many years and really knows what makes kids tick.  The Head at his school is desperate to find a way […]

Coca-Cola say ‘Yes’ (probably) to trials this year

Image credit: Alison Pearson. Thanks to the children of the N’gombe Compound in Lusaka, Zambia. A handful of ColaLife supporters attended the public  Business Fights Poverty event at the Commonwealth Club last night to hear Euan Wilmshurst, Stakeholder Engagement Manager, The Coca-Cola Company, give a qualified YES to trials of the ColaLife idea before the […]

ORS – the ‘magic bullet’

I have been searching for weeks for good photographs to show the impact Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) can have on a child with dehydration from diarrhoea. Then a member of the ColaLife Google Group came to my rescue, pointing me to a scientific paper published in 1994 with these amazing pictures showing a girl and […]