DfID Secretary of State and UNICEF provide letters of support

On 12-Nov-18 we submitted our application to WHO to add co-packaged ORS and zinc to the WHO Essential Medicines List for Children and this was reported here. Our application was submitted with ten letters of support. The application and the letters of support are now available on the WHO website here. Letters of support have […]

Top 10 achievements in 2013

2009’s top 10 | 2010’s top 10 | 2011’s  top 10 | 2012’s top 10 Mother and child leave the shop of a Kit Yamoyo retailer in rural Kalomo.  Image credit: Claire Ward 1. Completed the ColaLife Operational Trial in Zambia (COTZ) When we started the ColaLife trial in Sep-12, no child in our trial areas was receiving […]

The ColaLife documentary – The Cola Road – premiers in New York this weekend

Calling all our New York-based supporters. This Saturday, 9 February 2013, the ColaLife documentary – The Cola Road – gets its first screening at New York University’s newsdoc Festival. Entry is free and the screening of The Cola Road is in the afternoon. Please go along, if you can, and report back, it will be good […]

More ideas for the pilot phase

Adrian Ristow writes: During my time in New York in September I took advantage of the influx of leaders from the development community to meet with a few potential partners and advisors for the MDC project. There are lots of ways to use this growing network of Manual Distribution Centres. As well as piloting the […]

Is Business the answer?

Adrian Ristow writes: Having spent some time in New York recently at the UN’s End Poverty event, and being a bit of a philosopher, I am going to take the liberty of sharing a few general personal thoughts… I know that some people get a bit skeptical that weeks such as these involve a lot […]

Adrian reports from the UN

Adrian Ristow writes: My first time at UN week (22-26 September, 2008) in New York. Wow, what an experience! I knew that there was something special on the go when I couldn’t get near the entrance to my hotel because the secret service had blocked off a number of roads in Manhattan. In between the […]

How can we make the most of the Business Call To Action?

It was the last Business Call To Action event in London hosted by Gordon Brown on 6 May 2008 that re-ignited this idea and started the ColaLife Campaign. I wrote about this at the time. The 6 May event was part of the build-up to the main UN-level event in New York on 25 September […]

The latest from Tanzania

I’ve just found this fantastic set of photos by tielmann on Flickr with images of Coca-Cola’s ‘Manual Distribution’ from around the world. Meanwhile, here’s the latest note from Adrian Ristow, who’s now working with Coca-Cola in Tanzania, where he’s collecting local opinions and ideas. On the way, he’s been in the USA, talking to experienced […]