Yay! How we are using our MOOlah

Prototype training cards by MOO (sorry, the picture does not do justice to the beauty of these cards!) It was an honour in 2012 to win the MOO Award and it raised the profile of ColaLife significantly. When the award was announced visits to our website increased five-fold. As well as receiving a cash prize of […]

Gearing up for the scale-up with revised training materials

I spent a large part of Friday (22-Nov-13) doing what I like best – making things. Based on our experience with the trial Jane has been re-thinking our training materials for the scale-up (KYTS). We envisaged that the training materials developed for COTZ would be used for retailer and promoter training and then cascaded down […]

Cool MOO – your chance to win

Just before Christmas Jane and I visited MOO HQ to pick up our MOO Award. As you can tell from the photo below left, we were very pleased to be there. The MOO people have described the visit with words and pictures here. The picture below right is proof that MOO is as cool on the […]