The KYTS Dashboard explained (Release 4)

This slide deck explains the latest release of the dashboard that calculates and displays the key performance indicators for the scale-up of Kit Yamoyo in Zambia. It has been under development and continual improvement since Jul-15 and this development can be seen here: We thank Abbott Katz and DataKind for getting us started and […]

The ColaLife Office, 11 Katemo Road, Lusaka

This is just a quick note to register the fact that we’ve hit another milestone and have moved into our new office at 11 Katemo Road, Lusaka. We are being hosted by TMSA, a programme of COMESA our accountable body. It feels slightly strange. This is the first office I’ve worked in since leaving Defra […]

Zambia Diary | Day 1, Visit 3 | UNICEF, MSL, MTZL and San Francisco

MTZL Vouchers (apologies for the poor quality of this image) I got up early to talk to Alison and Mark about vehicle allocation. But I was too late, they’d already gone. Mark had taken Alison to her new pre-school and dropped her off so that we had use of her car :-). With support like […]