Notes from Tuesday in rural Kalomo

Last Tuesday (30/10/12) started at 6am and finished at 7pm. The day was spent traveling around rural Kaloma calling on rural health centres, promoters and retailers. We delivered vouchers to health centers and promoters and collected vouchers from retailers that they had collected in exchange for Kit Yamoyos. Health centres act as one of the distribution […]

Rohit, ICT4RD and UNICEF

Rohit Ramchandani at UNICEF HQ, Lusaka I last blogged just before we left the airport to meet Rohit for the first time and you will all be anxious to know if he arrived safely. Well he did. Here he is in full flow this afternoon (3/11/11) at the UNICEF headquarters in Lusaka. This was our […]

The pre-trial bureaucratic phase

  Apologies for the lack of blog posts lately. There is a lot happening but, if I’m frank, a lot of it is not very exciting. We are in a necessary, but rather dull bureaucratic phase as we try to get the last bits and pieces in place to start the trial. We have confirmation […]