The October Report from Katete

[Guest blog post and pictures by Elias Lungu, Project Officer, Keepers Zambia Foundation, Katete] Following the training of promoters and retailers that was done last month from 19-21 September 2012 at Katete Centre for Agriculture Marketing, the Katete team has being distributing vouchers in the 7 communities. In September we managed to distribute 300 vouchers. […]

Picture of the year | Kit Yamoyos on a bicycle

This picture was sent to me this afternoon (22/10/12) and it’s significant. It was taken by Elias, one of the Keepers Zambia Foundation field staff, on his way back from the field on Friday (19/10/12). This is one of the retailers that Elias and his colleague, Justina, have trained. He’s visited the Coca-Cola wholesaler in […]

Getting the syphon going

We are at a very exciting – albeit nerve-wracking – place just now right at the start of the trial. The situation we were in a few weeks ago, after our visit to see Chief Siachitema, is a really good metaphor for the situation we find ourselves in right now. Let me explain. As we […]

Katete wholesaler stocks out of Kit Yamoyos

“When the poor are converted into consumers, they acquire the dignity of attention and choices from the private sector. . . The key is affordability, without sacrificing quality or efficacy… stores must be easy to reach, within a short walking distance… availability (and therefore distribution efficiency) is a critical factor… ” CK Prahalad, The Fortune at […]

Returned from Kalomo inspired!

It’s Monday night (17/9/12) and Jane and I have just returned inspired from Katete – one of the COTZ intervention districts. We spent the morning with Boyd and Charlotte, the new Keepers Zambia Foundation staff based there. The main purpose of the visit was for Jane to run a training of trainers session on the […]

Last week’s trip to Katete

It’s a long way to Katete and last time we went, we nearly failed to get there. But now I know the road through Eastern Province, and we set off early last Wednesday – this time with a reliable car, a full tank of fuel – and, for me, a comfortable bed for the night: […]

Building up to the test run and more

Sorry for the lack of blog posts just recently. It’s not that nothing has been happening – quite the contrary in fact. Last week alone we have collectively: delivered the approved training materials to the printers been developing the social marketing strategy designed the sampling framework for the monitoring of the trial visited Kalomo to […]

Pre-trial focus group work and findings

In early 2012, as we were planning the launch of the ColaLife Trial – scheduled for Sep 2012 –  ColaLife was very fortunate to find a local volunteer in Zambia – Dr Beth-Anne Pratt. A social anthropologist with a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Systems Management, Beth has lived and worked in Africa since 1996 and […]

What should it look like? How much should it cost? The focus group work gets underway . . .

Actually, we are not calling them focus groups – they are customer consultation sessions! Talking to people looking after under 5 children (care-givers) is a key part of the set-up phase of ColaLife. We need to know what our target customers would find attractive in an anti-diarrhoea kit (no, this isn’t an oxymoron); how much […]

Chongwe, Luangwa, Nyimba, Petauke and Katete

Note to self . . . never leave Lusaka with anything less than a full tank of fuel. I’m always up for a bit of excitement, but our trip to Eastern Province this week proved a little more exciting than is comfortable – on various fronts. If you’d like to share some of the sights, […]