How to use Amazon Smile on your iPhone (and support us as you shop)

Thank you to everyone who has started supporting ColaLife by shopping through Amazon Smile. If you’d like to choose ColaLife as your nominated charity, you can do this with just one click – click here. The question is, how do you do use Amazon Smile on your iPhone? You cannot use Amazon Smile with the […]

So what happened at the Honda hack days back in November?

A good question, that isn’t easy to answer as there was so much going on. Basically, most of Honda’s Cultural Engineers (I am one) gathered for the first time face-to-face, together with a bunch of application developers to see what would happen. Three videos have just been released on The Guardian website which capture the […]

Airtel Zambia | Mobile phones, internet and banking

Apologies for the quality of this picture but there was a lot going on (and it was taken on my iPhone). This is the head of one of the queues at the Airtel shop in The Arcades, Lusaka this afternoon (8/10/11). The guy in the red shirt is the Airtel person and he is multi-tasking. […]