Another baby innovation

One of the delights of running ColaLife is the people you get meet. Yesterday I got a call from Tim Moor who I realise now, after our meeting this afternoon at the RSA, is a very well respected inventor who knows how to get his inventions to market. His inventions include a simple device for detecting […]

Another innovation using PET bottles

Regular readers will know that we are very interested in the SODIS process which uses clear plastic bottles and sunlight to kill the pathogens in water and make it safe to drink (previous blogs on SODIS). Well here is another innovative use for PET bottles which I was pointed to today through Twitter. A sun […]

Child survival – why innovation is needed

In 1990 the eight Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) were published and are the blueprint for development agreed to by all the world’s countries and all the world’s leading development institutions. They have galvanized unprecedented efforts to meet the needs of the world’s poorest. MDG#4 relates to child mortality and the target is: TARGET Reduce by […]

Meet the Cultural Engineers

Image based on an original photograph by Bertie Borésdon This is a bit of an honour. Honda are launching a new car (it is a hybrid!). The stuff of dreams. To accompany the launch they have recruited a bunch of cultural engineers (aka dreamers and innovators) and are planning to publish a limited edition book […]

Innovation need not be complicated – giant aidpod installed at NESTA

After work today I popped along to NESTA as a little bird had told me that the giant aidpod had landed there. And here it is. I got quite emotional! NESTA’s strapline is ‘making innovation flourish’ so it will get attention it deserves here. Thanks are due to many but allow me to give a […]

G20 Voice: Folding in the edges?

Ever since I heard the news that I was to be part of the G20voice team of bloggers, my head has been buzzing with ‘nearly ideas’ and questions. Why do the powers that be want us there? Here’s one theory. I’m old enough to have seen pitifully slow progress in solving some of the planet’s […]