My question to Barack Obama โ€“ a reflection on the G20 Summit

Image credit: Daudi Were of mentalacrobatics Apologies to pure colalife-ers as this is a bit off topic. To everyone else these words are from a bystander who was privileged to have been able to watch, first-hand, the culmination of the G20 Summit. I am certainly not qualified to be a political blogger. But here are […]

ColaLife at the G20 Summit โ€“ G20 Voice โ€“ London – 2/4/09

I’ll be blogging here: and Tweeting here: All blog posts and tweets with by tagged with g20voice So far I’ve posted on: ColaLife is off to the G20 Summit! G20 Voice: Folding in the edges? Matthew Taylor on globalisation and the G20 Keep an eye on those G20 Voice bloggers! Let’s mash it […]

How can we make the most of the Business Call To Action?

It was the last Business Call To Action event in London hosted by Gordon Brown on 6 May 2008 that re-ignited this idea and started the ColaLife Campaign. I wrote about this at the time. The 6 May event was part of the build-up to the main UN-level event in New York on 25 September […]