ColaLife featured on the Project 10^100 NOW Blog

Hats off to Evan Kroske who has started a campaign to get Google to commit to an announcement date for their 10th anniversary competition which has been postponed twice and is currently postponed indefinitely. It’s true that Google have been somewhat overwhelmed by the number of responses they have received (150,000 in 20+ different languages) […]

Please support us . . . 1 . . . by donating to the cause Please help us by contributing to: Volunteers’ travel (by the cheapest and most climate-friendly way possible); Promotional materials (business cards, T-Shirts etc); Paper, card, glue etc! 2 . . . by allowing us to contact you when we need help […]

Why we still need Google’s support

Animation produced by Facebook members to support our Project 10^100 entry There is a danger, now that Coca-Cola have said yes (probably) to trials of our idea in Tanzania, the people at Google will think ‘job done’ and decide we don’t need their help. However, the truth is that we need their help now more […]

Giant AidPod looking for places to hang out in London

Thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of the people at theWorkshop in Sheffield we bring you ‘the biggest ColaLife AidPod in the World’ (as far as we know). This time-lapse video shows how it was constructed. As soon as Google announce the 100 semi-finalists in their Project 10 to the 100th we will be parading […]

Yes, I understand. But what about the 20% child mortality?

Image credit: Alison Pearson I knew today was going to be a bit of a challenge. Me, a ‘spare-timer’, going into an environment of development professionals. So although I was prepared I did feel I needed to reassure myself of the child mortality figures one more time. How bad is it really? How do the […]

ColaLife Video snuggles up to Google

Views of the ColaLife animation topped 6,000 today and in a search for ‘Project 10 100’ in Google the ColaLife animation is now second only to the Google Project itself! You can view the animation here. If you’ve got a YouTube account please give it 5 stars and make a comment if you have time. […]

Trovus Revelations keeps us in the picture

Trovus, who provide an amazing website visitor monitoring system, has been a supporter of ColaLife from the moment they heard about the campaign. This is how Trovus Revelations works. Every computer connected to the internet has a number (an IP address) this IP address is allocated to you by the organisation who ‘owns’ the internet […]

Gearing up to vote for ColaLife in Project 10^100

Google’s trawl for the best ideas in the World (aka Project 10 to the 100th) attracted more than 100,000 entries and ColaLife was one of them. The text of our entry is here and above is the video that Facebook members put together. The video on YouTube has been viewed 4,925 times at the last […]

Global Tolerance to host ColaLife meet-up – 16/12/08

The generous support for Colalife from Simon Cohen of Global Tolerance continues. Simon has offered to host a meet-up at their London headquarters for those us who can make it on 16 December, 6 – 9pm. This is particularly welcome as most of us have never met! Numbers will be limited to 20. The following […]

Download the ColaLife video to your iPod!

The ColaLife, Four Children A Minute video can’t compete with video clips of Barack Obama but it’s competing pretty effectively with everything else on YouTube. It’s number two in a search for Project 10^100 on YouTube. Second only to the Google video itself. In a Google search for ‘project 10 to the 100th’ it features […]