Our learning journey so far and accusations of failure and abandonment

Media channels are slowly picking up on what we are learning from the ColaLife trial in Zambia and there have been a range of reactions – from broadsheet to tabloid in that order. The backdrop to this is that the use of the unused space in Coca-Cola crates is not the enabler we thought it […]

Got it! It will be winging its way to you shortly.

This is my brother, Matthew, who lives with his family in the States. My family have been incredibly supportive throughout the ColaLife campaign and this the latest manifestation of this support. Matthew has managed to get hold of a hard copy of GOOD Magazine. This is the latest edition which features the GOOD 100 list […]

ColaLife makes the GOOD 100 list

A tweet from Charles Magnuson alerted me to this. ColaLife has made it into the GOOD 100 list from GOOD.is/magazine. This is great news but I’m not sure what happens next. My happiness would be complete if only the GOOD.is site would let me register! They have created a graphic for all top 100 people/ideas/projects […]