Google Project 10^100 Voting Campaign planning meeting

Just a quick note to say thanks you to everyone who came to tonight’s campaign planning meeting. It was great to shake hands with so many people I’d only met online. The room at Global Tolerance was brimming with ideas and the talent to actually implement them. We focussed ruthlessly on “how we might get […]

Global Tolerance to host ColaLife meet-up – 16/12/08

The generous support for Colalife from Simon Cohen of Global Tolerance continues. Simon has offered to host a meet-up at their London headquarters for those us who can make it on 16 December, 6 – 9pm. This is particularly welcome as most of us have never met! Numbers will be limited to 20. The following […]

ColaLife Google Video: The dream team gathers . . .

I always say that “The Genius is in the Network” (but wasn’t the first to say it) and I’m proved right time and time again. Last night I scribbled a storyboard for the ColaLife Google video in the train. When I got home I put it on this blog. I put a message out to […]