Top 10 achievements in 2014

2009’s top 10 | 2010’s top 10 | 2011’s  top 10 | 2012’s top 10 | 2013’s top 10 Some of the mothers of Siachitema. The first remote rural community to receive Kit Yamoyo at the beginning of the trial in August 2012.  Image credit: Simon Berry 1. 50,000th Kit Yamoyo sold 2014 got off to a shaky start. We were […]

Lauren Braun and her Alma Sana Vaccine Bracelet

Jane and I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren Braun over Skype on Saturday (29-Nov-14) and what an inspirational 2hr conversation it was. Lauren, who is currently studying for an MSc in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, has spent the last 5 years conceiving, designing and testing what has […]

Kit Yamoyo presented at UN General Assembly as breakthrough innovation

Our strategy for impact is that others pick up what we are learning from the trial in Zambia and incorporate this into their own programmes. For this strategy to work people need to know what we are doing and we need endorsement from reputable sources. For this reason we are very pleased to be showcased […]

Quick! We can now talk to Melinda Gates.

Melinda Gates has invited people to continue the conversation following TEDxChange. Please go to her blog post and tell her about ColaLife! It is here.

How do we get the attention of Melinda Gates?

Today, Melinda Gates spoke at TEDxChange and marvelled at the way Coca-Cola gets to remote areas of developing countries while vaccines and condoms do not! Take a look at this video – her talk starts about 24 minutes in (drag the play cursor and wait). The Twittersphere did its best to bring ColaLife to her […]