Ed Miliband talks to the G20 Voice bloggers

“One way out of the economic crisis is by tackling the climate crisis and getting people jobs in the new [green] industries.”

ColaLife at the G20 Summit – G20 Voice – London – 2/4/09

I’ll be blogging here: colalife.org/blog and Tweeting here: twitter.com/51m0n All blog posts and tweets with by tagged with g20voice So far I’ve posted on: ColaLife is off to the G20 Summit! G20 Voice: Folding in the edges? Matthew Taylor on globalisation and the G20 Keep an eye on those G20 Voice bloggers! Let’s mash it […]

Let’s mash it up at G20 Voice

Image credit: Marcus Correa I’ve gone through the elation phase after being nominated as one of the G20 Voice bloggers and now I feel a huge weight of responsibility on my shoulders. Please help. Post your thoughts and ideas. What issues are important to you? What should I blog about? Point to evidence to support […]

Keep an eye on those G20 Voice bloggers!

I’ve set up a Pageflakes page to help me keep a track of what’s going on amongst the G20 Voice bloggers and I’ve made in public. I will try and keep this up to date as new bloggers are announced. If you are a blogger and I’ve missed you, sorry! Please comment below and I […]

G20 Voice: Folding in the edges?

Ever since I heard the news that I was to be part of the G20voice team of bloggers, my head has been buzzing with ‘nearly ideas’ and questions. Why do the powers that be want us there? Here’s one theory. I’m old enough to have seen pitifully slow progress in solving some of the planet’s […]