20% of all wine orders placed this week go to ColaLife!

With just 4 days to go before we start pedalling across France to raise the kick-start funding for our Globalization plans, the Sporting Wine Club are giving 20% of all orders placed this week to ColaLife. Here is their offer in their own words: Dear All, Sporting Wine Club are delighted to support our member, […]

WANTED: Two more challenge seekers

We are looking for two more people to join two of us on a fundraising bicycle ride from Caen to Cannes. If you’ve always wanted to do a long distance bike ride but aren’t sure where to start, this is for you. Equally, if you are an experienced cyclist and fancy a ride across France, […]

What James did for ColaLife

Some people take it upon themselves to do extraordinary things for ColaLife. James went on a trip of self discovery and raised more than £1,000 for us in the process. This is his story in his own words: CAMINO DE FRANCES – JULY 2013 On 17-Jul, I set out to walk just over 500km of […]

D2D Riders complete their challenge for ColaLife

Is this the most posed photo you’ve ever seen? Two blokes trying to look exhausted and asleep with big grins on their faces! This is Bill (left) and Nigel (right) on the ferry from Le Havre to Portsmouth after their 400 km ride across the north of France from Dinard to Deauville (D2D) for ColaLife. […]

Christmas Reception 2010

First things first – if you couldn’t make it last night you will not have received a FREE PRIZE DRAW CARD! This will not be a large draw so it’s worth a go and there are two prizes: 2 nights B&B at Mandarin Oriental, Geneva and 2 nights B&B at the Villa Magna, Madrid. The […]

ColaLife is recruiting . . . cyclists

Indicative route only at this stage. Image courtesy of Google Maps The ColaLife Participation Ride 2010 My old friend, Nigel Bolding, and I are looking for three others to join us on a ride across France to raise money towards the costs of the fieldwork that we need to carry out to plan the independently […]

Ellie through the Looking Glass – a report from Madagascar

Madagascan child with AidPod. Image credit: Ellie Stoneley It’s amazing the lengths ColaLife supporters will go to, to help out. One such is the intrepid Ellie Stoneley who has just braved leeches, gun-toting rebels and giant spiders on a trip to the Looking Glass island of Madagascar for Kitchen Table Charities Trust. On route between […]

Introducing the Sola Cola Coola (aka the NERRF Project)

Image credits: Excelente International Refrigeration One of the joys of running ColaLife is the great emails and pictures you get. This one came from Excelente International Refrigeration in Mexico. Here it is with my reply (reproduced with permission). I’d love to ride one of these on the sponsored bike ride I am planning for the […]