Gearing up to vote for ColaLife in Project 10^100

Google’s trawl for the best ideas in the World (aka Project 10 to the 100th) attracted more than 100,000 entries and ColaLife was one of them. The text of our entry is here and above is the video that Facebook members put together. The video on YouTube has been viewed 4,925 times at the last […]

Celebrating 8,000 ColaLife Members

At 17:11 GMT on 18/1/09 the ColaLife Facebook Group hit 8,000 members. This is a fantastic achievement and keeps the pressure on everyone for action. Thanks to everyone who’s joined and special thanks to those who have made very special efforts to recruit friends. I know James Pb, David Berman and others have been very […]

First Edition ColaLife Cards on eBay!

In this multi-media, web 2.0 world you can’t sit in one place (like your website) and expect everyone to come to you. People are everywhere so you have to be everywhere too if you are going to get noticed. That is why ColaLife has a presence here, on Facebook, on Flickr, on YouTube, on Vimeo, […]

ColaLife Campaign on paper for the first time

The article, as it appeared in El Mercurio, can be viewed here. It’s amazing to reflect on the fact that, as far as I know, this campaign has yet to be written about on paper. That is until today when an article by Facebook Group member, Matías Infante, appeared in El Mercurio, a leading national […]

Answering some of the questions

Various questions came out of the first get-together last week of the ColaLife Campaign. I thought it would be useful to try to expand on these and seek help/suggestions from readers of this blog, so here goes.

First ColaLife Meet-up

The first ever face-to-face meeting of ColaLife took place on 14/8/08 in Nunhead, London. I kick myself for forgetting to take any pictures during the event so you’ll have to make do with this one. This is Jane, Emma and Andrew (in the background) – the cooks – and was taken as people were arriving. […]

6th Facebook Newsletter – 17/7/08

17/7/08 – 6th Newsletter Simon Berry sent a message to the members of Let’s talk to Coca Cola about saving the World’s children. ——————– Subject: 6th Newsletter – Coca-Cola Rehydration Campaign Dear All Well it’s been another exciting couple of weeks: a slot on the BBC World Service; interest from the makers of the Life […]

Notes of the first face to face with Salvatore Gabola

Here is a summary of the face to face meeting with Salvatore Gabola at Coca Cola’s European HQ in Brussels from 12-14:30 on 16/6/08. 1 The unique and interesting elements of our campaign were highlighted again: it’s not about traditional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but about the Commercial Sector working with other sectors (Gov and NGOs), with each working to […]

The first 26 days – progress to date

This photo was taken by Teseum – the original is here I thought an update on the progress of the Coca Cola campaign would be helpful. May 1988 – May 2008 (20 years = 7305 days) No progress at all! Since the facebook group was formed on 18/5/08 (26 days) 18/5/08 facebook group formed 21/5/08 […]

What Annie Lennox said

By some miracle my PC and Radio Shark did record last Sunday’s (11/5/08) Desert Island Discs. Unfortunately it’s a very poor recording but this is what Annie Lennox said. Just to put it into context, after talking about her passion for AIDS camapigns in South Africa and the fact that she’s set up her own […]