Call to Action | Let’s all move together

Facebook, engagement and keeping up with news and developments This is a request for a minute of your time. Those of you familiar with ColaLife’s history will know that we started off in 2008 by asking for your support through our Facebook group. Over 8,000 of you have signed up over the past three years. […]

Convening Power

As it is the weekend(!) I am affording myself the luxury of straying from the day-to-day of ColaLife to write down the things I’ve been saying about “Convening Power” during recent presentations (Royal Society of Medicine, TEDx Berlin) and how we’ve used this to get where we’ve got with the ColaLife project. The term, Convening […]

Calling all our supporters!

The sand box room at the BFI and the venue for our Christmas Reception Here’s a brilliant opportunity for 150 of our ColaLife supporters to get together in London: on 1 December at 7pm we will be hosting a Christmas Reception at the British Film Institute in London. As you all know, for the ColaLife […]

Getting the kids on board

I picked up a message last night while clearing my Facebook inbox from Jon, an old  friend who is now a teacher. He  has also run the fabulous Warwickshire Youth Jazz Orchestra (WYJO) for many, many years and really knows what makes kids tick.  The Head at his school is desperate to find a way […]

Meet Dennis Tretter – our first ColaLife Intern

As we gear up to move ColaLife into its implementation phase lots of very exciting things are starting to happen and you won’t miss a thing if you register for blog updates. Here is the first very exciting thing. After a couple of weeks of discussion via various networks ColaLife has its first intern: Dennis […]

ColaLife sneaks onto Amazon

Do a search on ColaLife in Amazon and this book pops up. Why? Because its author, Chris Arnold, is a ColaLife supporter and writes about ColaLife. He says: FROM HUMANITARISM TO PLANETARISM <snip> The power of the web for good and bad is just amazing. What starts as a small group can soon become massive […]

ColaLife principle: openness

I first had the ColaLife idea in 1988 when I was working for the British Aid programme in NE Zambia. However, I was unable to share it other than by word of mouth and I got nowhere. In May 2008 I shared the idea on Facebook and look what’s happened. Thousands of people have convened […]

Thank you Trovus

This is the Christmas eCard that went out all Trovus users this week. Thank you again to the Trovus team for their support for ColaLife. The links are: Facebook ColaLife Website Twitter The people behind Trovus are long established supporters of ColaLife and their Trovus Revelations service keeps us informed of who is visiting this […]

Why we still need Google’s support

Animation produced by Facebook members to support our Project 10^100 entry There is a danger, now that Coca-Cola have said yes (probably) to trials of our idea in Tanzania, the people at Google will think ‘job done’ and decide we don’t need their help. However, the truth is that we need their help now more […]

Would you change your Facebook picture for ColaLife?

A group of us (in a Google Group) are working on a campaign to get people to vote for the ColaLife idea if it gets through to the last 100 in Google’s Project 10 to the 100th trawl for the best ideas in the World. We will know on 17 March 2009. One idea put […]