ColaLife is off to the G20 Summit!

Thanks to the support of Facebook Group members I am off to the G20 Summit! I heard today that the nomination to be a member of the G20voice team of bloggers from around the world had been approved by Number 10. This is huge honour and responsibility which I will be taking very seriously. If […]

Would you change your Facebook picture for ColaLife?

A group of us (in a Google Group) are working on a campaign to get people to vote for the ColaLife idea if it gets through to the last 100 in Google’s Project 10 to the 100th trawl for the best ideas in the World. We will know on 17 March 2009. One idea put […]

Progress Report – 6/12/08

Children at Rene MDC, Dar Es Salaam >>more photos Here is an update on the progress of the Coca Cola campaign. The headline is: ColaLife in Dar Es Sallaam. Read the diary. May 1988 – May 2008 – the first 7,305 days – no progress! May 1988 Had the idea while working on the British […]

Many thanks to newstalk

The ColaLife Facebook Group has received a boost today thanks to Sean Moncrieff and all the lovely people at newstalk radio, Ireland. Thanks particularly to newstalk listeners Stephen Byrne and Neil Curran who actually posted positive messages on the wall of the Facebook Group. I was interviewed over the phone this afternoon by Sean . […]

Progress Report – 1/11/08

This photo was taken by Teseum – the original is here Here is an update on the progress of the Coca Cola campaign. The headline is: HEADLINE: Coca-Cola invites ColaLife to Dar Es Sallaam! May 1988 – May 2008 – the first 7,305 days – no progress! May 1988 Had the idea while working on […]

Coca-Cola invites ColaLife to Dar Es Salaam!

Image credit: Rory McCann Following on from last week’s excitment around our application to Google’s Project 10^100 and the associated ColaLife video, there is another significant development. True to his word, Salvatore Gabola of Coca-Cola has invited me to a 2-day stakeholder meeting in Dar Es Salaam on 25-26 November to discuss the findings of […]

Application submitted to Google’s Project 10^100

At 19:15 BST the ColaLife idea was submitted to Google’s Project 10^100. What happens next? Google will now select 100 of the ideas they receive and publish these on 27 January 2009 and ask everyone to vote for the ones they like to see supported. The top 20 will then go to a panel of […]

DRAFT submission to Google’s Project 10^100

Here is a first go at answers to the questions asked by Google’s Project 10^100. We’ve posted them here so others can comment and make the submission better. The answers are in bold. Please comment or send suggestions to sxberry[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks. All this information will appear on the public site as part of your submission. […]

Belching Out the Devil: Global Adventures with Coca-Cola by Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas and his publishers have done a brilliant job promoting his new book. A feature article in the Guardian (who are also selling his book) and a long interview on Radio 4’s You & Yours on 26/9/08. This will result on lots of people searching for the book and hopefully this post will pop up in […]

5,500 – a significant number

Over the next couple of days the number of members of the ColaLife Facebook Group is likely to reach 5,500. This is a lot of support and a force to be reckoned with. Coincidentally, it’s also the approximate number of children, under the age of 5, who will die in Africa over the next 24 […]