Beyond the call of duty – Cairo to Cape Town for ColaLife

Regular readers will know Ali & Lizzie, the couple who are cycling from Cairo to Cape Town for ColaLife (and two other charities close to their hearts). Well here is some sad news about a very determined woman. This is a quoted straight from their blog. The original post is here. Last Leg – Lost […]

Fieldwork becomes a reality

View Larger Map Apologies for the lack of blog posts recently but there has been a lot going on and some exciting developments in the pipeline that I can’t QUITE report just yet. But I can report that, thanks to the ColaLife supporters who sponsored me and the other cyclists, we have raised enough money […]

Have we got our priorities right?

This Coca-Cola was some of the last to be produced and sold in glass bottles in Malta. These are 300ml bottles. African bottles typically hold 350ml. One morning in 1988 I arrived early for a meeting in Chinsali, a small town in NE Zambia. I went into the dilapidated council chamber. There was no one […]

Adrian reports from the UN

Adrian Ristow writes: My first time at UN week (22-26 September, 2008) in New York. Wow, what an experience! I knew that there was something special on the go when I couldn’t get near the entrance to my hotel because the secret service had blocked off a number of roads in Manhattan. In between the […]

Local matters – latest from Tanzanzia

Image by Gabi~ Adrian writes: This week has been filled with interesting discussions with more distributors and their employees as we investigate how Coca-Cola can partner better with this group of people in addressing key issues. Having spent some time looking at how things work in Ethiopia, I’m keen to see where there are differences […]

Coca-Cola research leads to the Viagra Inn

Image: Tielmann Here’s the latest from Adrian who is carrying out research into Coca-Cola’s distribution networks in Ethiopia and Tanzania. Previous stories are here. OK, I confess, after just a week or so in ‘Dar’, I’m looking forward to being taken out on a visit to the ‘Viagra Inn’. Now, don’t go jumping to conclusions. […]

The latest from Tanzania

I’ve just found this fantastic set of photos by tielmann on Flickr with images of Coca-Cola’s ‘Manual Distribution’ from around the world. Meanwhile, here’s the latest note from Adrian Ristow, who’s now working with Coca-Cola in Tanzania, where he’s collecting local opinions and ideas. On the way, he’s been in the USA, talking to experienced […]

6th Facebook Newsletter – 17/7/08

17/7/08 – 6th Newsletter Simon Berry sent a message to the members of Let’s talk to Coca Cola about saving the World’s children. ——————– Subject: 6th Newsletter – Coca-Cola Rehydration Campaign Dear All Well it’s been another exciting couple of weeks: a slot on the BBC World Service; interest from the makers of the Life […]

Ethiopia – innovation against the odds

This message comes to us from Adrian in Addis Ababa, where he recently spent a day meeting some of the independent local distributors working on the Manual Distribution Centre (MDC) model that Coca-Cola has promoted. Although their main focus for analysis is Tanzania, they were guided to gather some comparative data from Ethiopia where the […]

5th Facebook Newsletter – 6/7/08

6/7/08 – 5th Newsletter Simon Berry sent a message to the members of Let’s talk to Coca Cola about saving the World’s children. ——————– Subject: 5th Newsletter – Coca-Cola Rehydration Campaign Dear All Thank you all for your continued support to the campaign. Here is a summary of progress since the 4th Newsletter update. 1. […]