But for today I am a child

Antony And The Johnsons backed by the Heritage Orchestra at the Wilderness Festival (14/8/11) Sometimes things just work out. We’ve been spending the last few weeks trying to pack up our home of 20 years and doing all the DIY jobs that had been put off, as the first step towards our move to Zambia, […]

The first day of the rest of my life

Photo by Sam Christmas for the Honda-sponsored Dream Factory project Apologies in advance but this post has ended up being mostly about me. Normal service will resume as soon as possible! Last Autumn I committed to leave my job to dedicate myself full-time to ColaLife. Well yesterday was my last day of my contract at […]

Win tickets to the Dream Factory exhibition preview

Image courtesy of The Dream Factory. Honda. On 21 May The Dream Factory Exhibition opens at The Dray Walk Gallery, Brick Lane, London ‘as a tribute to the Cultural Engineers and their inspirational work’. Top row: Nihal Arthanayake; Simon Berry; Cath Le Couteur; Oliver Hemsley & Katy Dawe; Agents of Change; Pip McKnight & Ian Francis; Kevin […]

Meet the Cultural Engineers

Image based on an original photograph by Bertie Borésdon This is a bit of an honour. Honda are launching a new car (it is a hybrid!). The stuff of dreams. To accompany the launch they have recruited a bunch of cultural engineers (aka dreamers and innovators) and are planning to publish a limited edition book […]