Welcome to the ColaLife office

I am a total sucker for new technology and gadgets and I was starting to look like a bit of a nurd until this campaign started and has demonstrated just what you can do with this stuff. Anyway, I met up last night with my friend David Wilcox who’s been a bit of a mentor […]

The ColaLife story as told by the BBC’s iPM programme

The BBC’s iPM programme, which goes out on a Saturday on Radio 4, has maintained a keen interest in the ColaLife story. For convenience, I have brought together the features they have created and broadcast in the last 12 months into this post (see below). In addition to these broadcasts, Jennifer Tracey, of iPM did […]

Matthew Taylor on globalisation and the G20

I was honoured to be asked by David Wilcox and the folks at Yoosk.com to put the questions of Yoosk members to Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA and ex political adviser to Tony Blair. That bit was easy . . . asking the questions again afterwards to an empty chair, to get the […]

The unveiling of Mark II of the ColaLife AidPod

As promised, and a lot quicker than expected, here is the unveiling of Mark II of the ColaLife AidPod (thanks to David Wilcox at Social Reporter). The main differences between the initial prototype model and this one are: It has a hi-top that sits slightly proud of the bottles – this increases the capacity of […]

Summing up. ColaLife face-to-face gathering 16/12/08

Rather than write a long report we thought we’d sum the evening up there and then. We are, left to right, Simon Berry, William Hoyle (CTT) and Simon Cohen (Global Tolerance). David Wilcox (socialreporter.com) is on the camera and Ian Crawford is asking the questions. It you’ve got 40 minutes to spare(!) you might want […]

First ColaLife Meet-up

The first ever face-to-face meeting of ColaLife took place on 14/8/08 in Nunhead, London. I kick myself for forgetting to take any pictures during the event so you’ll have to make do with this one. This is Jane, Emma and Andrew (in the background) – the cooks – and was taken as people were arriving. […]

Summary of progress to date – Interview with David Wilcox

Here is a status report delivered through a 3 minute video interview with David Wilcox at socialreporter.com Simon Berry from David Wilcox on Vimeo.

A video of the full interview with iPM

Many thanks are due to my friend David Wilcox for filming, editing and uploading the full interview with Jennifer Tracey of iPM. Here it is – cheers David: Simon Berry interviewed by BBC iPM from David Wilcox on Vimeo. The edited (audio-only) interview is here. Further information: All of the Coca Cola campaign posts

Impromptu interview

My good friend David Wilcox just loves gathering stories on video. Take a look over here on socialreporter.com. We met up today for our regular top-up of “getting all excited about the possibilities Web 2.0 offers” and we got on to the Coca Cola campaign and David pointed a camera at me. This is the […]