Local matters – latest from Tanzanzia

Image by Gabi~ Adrian writes: This week has been filled with interesting discussions with more distributors and their employees as we investigate how Coca-Cola can partner better with this group of people in addressing key issues. Having spent some time looking at how things work in Ethiopia, I’m keen to see where there are differences […]

So, what is the intrepid Adrian up to?

Last week, we heard from Adrian Ristow, an independent contractor now working with Coca-cola in Africa, doing some on-the-ground research into what makes local distribution models work. He’s now going to look at whether there is mileage in our idea to distribute rehydration salts as part of his work, as the research in the field […]

Meet Adrian Ristow

The research into Coca-Cola’s distribution network in Ethopia and Tanzania, first mentioned here, is now underway and Adrian is the man on the ground. Despite the inevitable connectivity issues that we will face, Adrian has undertaken to keep a dialogue going on the work he is doing and the people he meets. This picture was […]