ColaLife Live on Australian Radio – Sunday 26-Jul-15

When Australia’s Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, indicated that her government would use corporates like Coca-Cola to deliver aid, it caused quite a stir. The report in The Guardian (Australia) attracted more that 600 comments, including one or two from me. This Guardian report and the BMJ debate┬áthat preceded it also generated this well considered article […]

A day at the Westminster Hub – video ColaLife update

Yesterday I spent a great day at the new Westminster Hub. I’m grateful to have honorary membership in exchange for helping out with the launch of the hub from Zambia. Jane and I wrote a ‘manifesto for unlikely alliances’ based our our experience so far putting the ColaLife project together. Click on the image to […]

Dr Ian Goldman joins the ColaLife Virtual Advisory Board

Dr Ian Goldman I am very pleased to be able to announce that Dr Ian Goldman has agreed to join the ColaLife Virtual Advisory. He is the second member and joins Prof Don Nutbeam in support of ColaLife. About ColaLife Ian says: Having worked in many countries in Africa it is extraordinary how Coca-Cola reaches […]

ColaLife, MDCs and Coca-Cola’s Manual Distribution System

This is an assessment of where we have got to in our relationship with Coca-Cola, our understanding of the different mechanisms by which Coca-Cola is distributed in developing countries and the implications for the roll-out of the ColaLife idea. Although the progress we have made is significant, it is evident that we still have a […]

Coca-Cola poised to make a statement – but will they mention ColaLife?

First of all – if you’d like to hear this statement live and get a chance to ask questions then join Business Fights Poverty and register for this event. It’s free. This video shows where Coca-Cola were in May 2008 when the ColaLife campaign was started. It was made by Neville Isdell the then Chairman […]

Breakfast with James Alexander

I set off for London at the crack of dawn this morning to have a breakfast meeting with my old friend James Alexander. We were brought together again by one of Kate‘s press releases. James has been holding the interim CEO post at We Are What We Do. I first came across We Are What […]